Wise Owls Club - Maidenhead

We provide breakfast, after-school and holiday care for children aged 3 to 13 years

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Oldfield School Menu

Week 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main Dish Vegetable Pasta Chicken Fajitas Fish & Chips Cumberland Sausage Hot Dog Picnic
Starch Pasta White Rice Oven baked chips Potato wedges Variety of sandwiches, sausage rolls, baked crisps
Vegetable/Salad Sweetcorn Salad Garden peas Baked beans Vegetable crudities & raisins
Vegetarian/Dietary Vegetable Pasta Quorn strips Veggie nuggets Vegetarian hot dog Gluten free bread/Quorn sausage rolls
Pudding Rice pudding & mixed berries Fresh fruit Fruit yoghurt Fruit cheesecake Fruit ice lollies
Week 2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main Dish Breaded fish BBQ Chicken Cheese & Tomato pizza Spaghetti & Meatballs Chicken Wraps
Starch New potatoes White rice Potato wedges Garlic slice Potato salad
Vegetable/Salad Baked beans Green beans Cucumber & Tomato salad Tomatoes & Peppers Garden salad
Vegetarian/Dietary Veggie nuggets BBQ quorn chunks Cheese & Tomato pizza Meat free balls Quorn strips
Pudding Sliced peaches & cream Bananas & custard Fruit Cheesecake Fruit Ice lollies Fruit jelly
Week 3 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main Dish Breaded fish Sausage & Cheese Pasta bake Pie & gravy Beef burger stack Cheese & Tomato Pizza
Starch New potatoes Pasta Mashed potato Oven baked chips Potato waffles
Vegetable/Salad Baked beans Mixed vegetables Vegetable medley Garden salad Corn on the cob
Vegetarian/Dietary Veggie nuggets Veggie & Cheese pasta bake Veggie pie Veggie burger Cheese & Tomato Pizza
Pudding Fruit scones Fruit Ice Lolly Fruit Cocktail & cream Rice pudding Fruit sorbet