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We provide breakfast, after-school and holiday care for children aged 3 to 13 years

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What's Happening?

We have now opened our holiday club at Highfield School. We are operating only 3 bubbles with a maximum of 15 children in each. We therefore have only a few spaces left for the summer period.

We will be unable to open our Jump In holiday club due to the setting and guidance at this time.

We are preparing all our policies, procedures, and risk assessments for operating our breakfast, after- school clubs come September 2020.

Having reviewed these policies with some of the schools from which we operate/ collect, we have now submitted our processes to all schools from which we operate/ collect.

Some of the schools have shared their processes, risk assessments with us and we have discussed a collection process time and process that accommodates both the school and ourselves.

Our Plan for Holiday Clubs

We have risk assessments, policies, processes and procedures in place for each setting which follow current government guidance which will, we believe, amply cover any new guidance.

We will send you a copy of our child process to view and follow and an operation process for our opening in September 2020. Please read these to ensure you understand and are happy to accept the guidance and policies before we open.

If you are not able to accept these terms, then please can you ensure you give notice in writing to info@wiseowlschildcare.co.uk. While we would normally operate a 6 week notice period, due to the special circumstances, we will accept notice given before 7th Aug 2020.

We will operate our normal hours and collect from all schools as before. However, please ensure you observe the drop off and collection procedures and leave enough time to ensure this is followed.

Our staff will have COVID-19 training and will follow our policies and risk assessment, which provide a structured cleaning process throughout the day. This will ensure children are careful to protect their own safety and the safety of others.

We will have small groups of children and staff together and these will be school, sibling, attendance and age- based as much as possible.

In September if I am still on Furlough or if my hours have been reduced or I have been made redundant, how does this effect my place?

Your child can still continue with their care, or you can withdraw as you feel appropriate. If you decide to withdraw your child, please see our normal terms and conditions and follow our policy. Please note that you must give notice before 7th August 2020 cut off.

I would like to return my child to the clubs. What terms and conditions apply?

Exactly the same terms and conditions that applied before the Covid-19 pandemic now apply, so please refer to them. They are available on the website.

If you wish to delay your child’s re-start for any reason then, you can withdraw giving notice before 7th August 2020 – after that date, we will require the usual 6 weeks notice period in accordance with our standard Terms and Conditions. Then you can re-book for a date of your choice to suit you and your family’s situation, subject to availability. Please email info@wiseowlschildcare.co.uk.

Could we please remind you that if you do not want your child to attend the breakfast and after school club, you inform us as soon as possible so we can evaluate our staffing and offer provision to others on our waiting list. This information has been available since June 2020.

What happens if you're unable to care for my child in September due to government guidance?

We are obliged to follow Government guidelines and if the current guidance is changed, we will make those changes and inform you as soon as we are able.

If I have paid 25% of fees as requested at the beginning of summer term will this be refunded?

Yes, of course, we will deduct this from your September 2020 invoice. Thank you SO much for these funds which have been extremely helpful in these difficult times for everyone. We do hope some of you have enjoyed the information packs we continued to provide until the end of the summer term.

Also, I would like to recognise the efforts of our wonderful office team whom continued to keep everyone updated via e-mail.

If you would like to donate your 25% fees to your club, we will in time put this towards some equipment and the staff and children will choose this together when we are in a position to do so. Please email info@wiseowlschildcare.co.uk if you wish to do this before 7th August 2020. For ease and clarity, please can you state the amount you wish to donate, your child’s full name and setting. If you elect to do this, we thank you most sincerely for your generous support.

If my childcare vouchers or standing orders continued through this period what do I do?

We did ask everyone to stop these as soon as able to prevent over- payment. However, rest assured, it will have been allocated to your account. So, just work out what is due to be paid and ensure you pay your termly invoice as before on the 1st day of term or before deducting anything already paid. For example: if your invoice is £842 and you paid £235 in April and May ensure you then pay £372.00. Check your invoice to verify that your correct credit is shown.

If my child has a temperature, should I keep them at home?

Yes, absolutely. We currently have our nurseries, pre-schools and holiday clubs open and all children and staff have their temperature taken before they can enter. Please follow government guidance. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

If a child in my bubble is sent home with a temperature what happens?

We will keep in contact with the family and as soon as they have a test result, we will follow the government guidance. The child may not return to the club without a clear test result.

If my child comes to the club by bus are there any requirements?

If your child comes to our club by minibus you will need to provide them with a face mask which they must have to hand and be able to put on before getting on the bus.

If the club is closed again, do I have to pay?

We have followed and will always adhere to Government guidelines to mitigate the risk of a Covid-19 closure and to protect staff and the children in our care. However, if we are forced to close our club, then we will not charge for the period of closure.

If my child is off in isolation, do I need to pay?

We will need to follow our normal sickness policy.

Could my child have COVID-19?

Please ensure you follow government guidance to protect the nursery community. Call 111 for advice https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms/coronavirus-in-children/

If the clubs have staff shortages and cannot operate would I be charged?

We do not anticipate a staff shortage – we are well organised and all staff are dedicated to their work. However, if for any unforeseen reason, we were unable to accommodate your child, we would refund that day’s fee.

Will I be informed if there is a confirmed case in the club?

Yes, if we have a confirmed case of Covid-19 we will inform parents. However, we have no plan to close the setting unless Public Health recommends this. An example - we have only had one parent confirmed with Covid- 19 as at this date, whose child is in the nursery. The parent is a front-line worker and despite attending before this incident, there is no confirmation the child had Covid-19. No other child/ staff member was ill and the site was deep cleaned. We are carrying out extensive cleaning every day and during the session to help mitigate infection in line with guidelines but we cannot guarantee that the virus is not present in our site. It is vital that you study and adhere to our process and operation procedure which we will send out to you.

If a child is sent home with a new persistent cough and temperature, we will inform parents in their bubble; however we will not if just a temperature as that could be anything. If any child is feeling unwell, we will follow clear guidance and requirements at this stage.

If a child or a family member of a child attending the club has a confirmed case of Covid- 19, the following procedures will followed:

• We will keep in close contact with the family.

• Any child from the same bubble who attended the day prior to and/or on the day that the infection was notified to the club, will need to self- isolate for 14 days.

• An early test will be required if Covid-19 symptoms develop during that time and only when a negative test has been received, can the child return to the club.

We can appreciate how frustrating it is for a family to have to self -isolate because their child has been in the company of another who is ill, but those are the guidelines to which we must adhere. It is surely understood by us all that this is the only way to curb this highly transmissible virus.

If there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the club, and you choose not to send your child, will you be charged?

Yes, fees are payable as per our tems and conditions.

Is it safe to bring my child to club if there is a confirmed case?

There is an increased risk of infection from a confirmed case, but there is also a risk from children or staff without symptoms. However, we will track exactly which children and staff any confirmed case has been in contact with and communicate this to all concerned so they self-isolate. Only, if they get symptoms should they get a test for themselves and their children, to see if they have the virus – in which case they would need to isolate in accordance with government guidance at this time.

We will follow the guidance given by Public Heath England as for any other notifiable virus. Staff will spend extra time on cleaning and hygiene, and less on administration and record keeping.

Children seem to be getting the virus very mildly but there are no guarantees of this and it is a worrying time for us all. Children with diminished immunity will be notified by their GP and should be kept at home. Every effort will be made to be calm and positive at the club, and to keep things as normal as possible, so that the children can be as relaxed and happy with us.

Can I book extra/ad hoc sessions?

We very much regret that we are not able to accept extra/ad hoc bookings; this is because we have to have clear bubbles each week. This follows strict guidelines, so we can only accept permanent bookings.

How can parents help?

• Follow our policy, be patient at drop off and collection to support the clubs.

• Provide your child with a wipeable bag if they need to have one.

• Follow the government guidance.

• We also need all parents to ensure their child’s school is correctly registered with us. We will update year group as we always do each year but remember, if your child is moving from Infant to Junior or Alwyn to Courthouse this change must be done in the portal and this is now more vitally important than ever. If you do not do this, we may be unable to collect your child in September 2020.

We all want to work together to support you as best we can and will continue to do so.

Are the fees changing?

We have done all we can to keep the club sustainable with no fees from Easter holidays and summer term, which has been extremely hard as I am sure you can imagine. At the same time, we have provided activity packs and always maintained a good line of communication free of charge.

In addition, it has always been our aim to keep the fees as low as possible while safeguarding the highest standards of care. However, as from 1st September 2020, we will be increasing our fees for the first time since 2018.

Fees for our After- school service will increase by just under 7% and Breakfast Club by just under 8%. Again, if you feel unhappy with this fee increase and wish to withdraw your child from our care, please can you ensure you give notice before 7th August 2020.