Wise Owls Club - Maidenhead

We provide breakfast, after-school and holiday care for children aged 3 to 13 years

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COVID-19 Q & A Wise Owls Club

Do we need to pay our invoices?

Yes, please pay your invoices as they have been processed already and if you don’t this will create more admin for us.  We will work out what is needed to be paid for when we return and this will go against that as a credit for example you paid for 24 sessions when we return if you paid it and it is the same number of sessions you won’t get another invoice.  If it is 26 sessions we will invoice you for 2 if it is 20 sessions we won’t invoice you and then carry 4 over to the following period.


Are you offering Activity packs?

At this time we will not be able to provide these, parents felt they had enough juggling home school and work and we don’t have the funds to provide this service for free.


Contacting us?

Please read our website and Q&A if you still have a question email the office we will have minimum staff working as these are over heads without payments we need to avoid to retain our stability.  But we will be opening as soon as we can and when schools re open.  If you do need to email us we will aim to respond within 72 working hours.



We will as always do all we can to support all our clients and staff as best as we can but as I am sure you can imagine there are many costs we have to incur to be ready to return and keep us all going until then.  Please do be patient and support us so we can in turn be ready to support you on our return.  If we are able to offer any support at additional costs through this period we will let you know but these will be optional to support those whom need it.  This pandemic has gone on far longer than any of us could have imagined but we are positive in feeling like the finishing line is in sight.  Please view the government website keep safe and well.