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We provide breakfast, after-school and holiday care for children aged 3 to 13 years

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Jump In & Wise Owls Holiday Camp


Telephone: 01628 620013 Email: info@wiseowlschildcare.co.uk Website: www.wiseowlschildcare.co.uk
The Jump In &Wise Owls holiday camp  (herein after called ‘The camp’) will only undertake Business under the following Terms and Conditions, each of which shall be incorporated or implied in any agreements between The Camp and The Clients.  No variations of these Terms and Conditions shall be binding unless expressly confirmed by The Camp in writing and signed by the Director of The Camp.  The Client is bound by these Terms and Conditions once they commence using our service.  These terms may change over time however the latest version is always available on our web site.  The client is bound by these once completing our online registration.
1. The Holiday Camp acts as a registered childcare facility for children aged 5-14 years old between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00, from Monday to Friday during holiday periods (Easter, May Half term and Summer holidays) at Jump In in Slough. Dates are available on our web site booking service.
2. Bookings must be made in advance to secure a place for your child so the club can arrange staff:children ratios.  This can be done via our website with full payment only; we cannot secure a place via phone.  The costs of the session may increase in the week before the holiday operates please do be aware of this.
3. All bookings are confirmed via email confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation email within a week please contact the office as we may not have received your booking.  This will also include any items needed which states what is required, if anything, each day. This also expresses our NO NUT policy and the healthy eating we like to promote.  You must send your child with a packed lunch and snacks this should contain a healthy balanced diet.  It is the parent’s responsibility to read this information.  If there are any incorrect days booked in this confirmation you must contact us immediately to ensure it is put right and you will be sent a second confirmation email with the correct details.
4. If you wish to cancel an official booking we need two (2) weeks notice.  If you cancel a booking at short notice due to other arrangements or sickness you will not be refunded for this day.
5. ALL camp fees are to be paid in full, in advance of attendance. This is all available on the website.
6. You may book one day, several days or whole weeks – to suit your needs.  We do not offer half day sessions or sibling discount due to our low prices.
7. We cannot offer food, your child must bring a packed lunch and snacks for the day, if you give them money be aware we will not prevent them from using the snack bar.  We will offer tap water throughout the day.
8. We close at 17.00 if you are running late we charge £5 per 15 mins and payment is required on arrival to collect your child.  We must be informed before 17.00 of your expected arrival time.  If this is not done we may need to contact social services.  Please be aware our staff have other commitments after work.

9. We have permission to take your child on any scheduled trips to the park. We will be walking the children to the park each and every day for fresh air.  We will generally return to the camp at 4pm. A risk assessment is completed for every trip to the park.
10. We accept payment via all childcare vouchers, tax free childcare scheme and by debit/credit card.  Please email voucher payment confirmation.  We accept card payments via our booking system.
11. If you make changes to your booking less than 2 weeks prior to the holiday club we will need to cover our costs by adding a £5 charge.
12. If you have an agreement of a payment plan that payment via childcare vouchers or tax free childcare will be paid over instalments this must be agreed in writing prior to confirming of your booking.  This will also incur a £5 admin fee. If you have difficulty paying on time you must contact us.  If you do not this could result into a ‘money claim online’ for us to retrieve the money due to us and/ or your child not being accepted at our camp.
13. If you do make changes to your booking (please be aware of the 2 week period), or book extra sessions please do ensure you complete a new booking online and cancel the days no longer required.  All cancellations must be done via email.
14. Holiday camp fees are revised every July.
15. It is the parent’s responsibility to read all posters and information on the entrance desk. If you give your child money it is your responsibility to tell them what this is for and for them to take care of it.  You will need to give your child this responsibility as the staff will not govern them in what they buy nor look after their money for them.  We feel this is a good lesson to learn about money.
16. If the premises close due to health and safety, diseases, bad weather or acts of god out of our or their control we will be unable to operate the camp.  It is your responsibility to contact us via camp phone to find out the situation.  We may be able to open later in the day, however do not wish to put our staff or the children safety at risk.  We will keep you up to date on social media, email and if possible our web site and the phones.  If the office is closed there will be a mobile contact number available on the answerphone to contact.  No refund will be due.
17. You may receive letters on the welcome desk which it is your responsibility to collect when signing out and read.
18. Photographs/ video of your child may be used for our adverts or displays and their name(s) may accompany any such photographs used.  If you do not want your child to be photographed/ video or their name(s) used we must be informed of this in writing.  These photos or videos may also be on our web site or face book page or twitter.
19. When booking your child in to and as soon as they attend The camp, you are bound by our Terms and Conditions.
20. By completing registration online, you are acknowledging that you are aware of our terms and conditions and know that you are bound by them.
21. From time to time these conditions will be revised. The up to date version will also be available on our web site.
22. If your email, contact details or home address changes it is your responsibility to update online.  If we do not have your contact details this could result in a social services issue.
23. We will do our up most to keep your child safe from harm within our care but we are not liable for any accidents which may occur.
24. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child has all their belongings we cannot be responsible to loss or damage to anything bought to the club from home.  We do not have storage for this so anything left 1 week after each holiday will be given to charity.
25. Our staff are professional and work in a controlled environment if your child requires a ratio of 1:1 we will be unable to fund this expense.  Our ratios are 1:8.  If extra assistance is required the expense will be passed onto yourself to find funding or cover these costs.
26. If your child becomes disruptive and/or aggressive to other children or staff we may cancel your child’s attendance giving you a verbal warning in advance.  This is for the safety of the other children in our care and safety of our staff. No refund of care will be received.

27. Equally if a parent is aggressive or rude to our staff at The camp or a child within our care, this behaviour will not be tolerated and The camp reserves the right to withdraw its service.  No refund of care will be received.

28. If your child is sick or has diarrhoea we have a 48 hour policy with other illnesses please see the NHS guidance notes.

Issued: February 2016
Revised: February 2020
Review date: February 2021