Wise Owls Club - Maidenhead

We provide breakfast, after-school and holiday care for children aged 3 to 13 years

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Our Testimonials

Thanks for all your help over the years December 2019
Cyprian had really good time in Wise Owls for almost 6 years. November 2019
Marlin has had a great time and no doubt well be using Wise Owls at some point again in the future. October 2019
Cagatay had a very good time with Wise Owls theyve always been good with him and others all the team without exception was outstanding. August 2019
Holly loved being at the club she will really miss it. August 2019
Alice had a lovely time at Wise Owls thanks we greatly appreciated all the care and time that was given to her while there. August 2019
Ben has loved being at wise owls and will miss all of you. August 2019
Ems really enjoyed her time at the breakfast club after school and holiday clubs. We will really miss everyone. August 2019
She loved the club it made my return to full time work so much easier that she was happy to go. August 2019
Tian has enjoyed her 7 years at Wise Owls thanks for the care and help Wise Owls gave us. July 2019
The children had a great time at the club and all staff were extremely good. July 2019
They have had the best time and have very fond memories thank you. July 2019
matthew has had a wonderful 7 years at Wise Owls I am so very happy with how well he has been looked after by the team. July 2019
Pass my thanks onto all the Wise Owls team who gave excellent care to both my girls throughout their primary years. July 2019
Freddie has had a wonderful time with you guys he is sad to have left he made really lovely friends thank you. May 2019
Anwita enjoyed and got taken care of very nicely by the team. Its been a good journey for Anwita and she is missing the club. May 2019
Maxwell had a lovely time at wise owls and I would like to thank all the staff. September 2018
Many thanks to the Wise Owls team who have looked after Rhys over the years. September 2018
Safiya is missing Wise Owls very much please pass our best regards to all the staff members You would be surprise in France there is no something like Wise Owls after school clubs so maybe worth to think on opening a branch here November 2018
I just wanted to drop you a note to say how lovely the breakfast and after school club is my daughter only started a few weeks ago and already absolutely loves it and doesnt want to come home. All the girls that run the clubs are so warm and caring and has made being at work so much easier knowing how happy and cared for she is. September 2016
I mentioned to Penny about how much she looked after Oliver and cleaned him up when he was poorly last Friday. Joy went above and beyond her duty of care and I am so happy with her work she does especially with Oliver. I just wanted to take it higher and thank her and let you know she is brilliant at her job and clearly loves the children. February 2017
I wanted to send a note to tell you what a fantastic asset Joy is to your Company as Joy shows nothing but care and thoughtfulness towards the children. Harry is very fond of Joy as am I and she is a true professional who exudes warmth. I wanted to let you know how grateful and pleased you should be to have such an employee as an HR Manager myself I interview all kinds of people and would be delighted to employ Joy I wanted to pass on my personal thanks for her time and caringness. Joy really is one in a million. February 2017
They have enjoyed Wise Owls I hope we can find equally good breakfast and after school clubs at their new schools. April 2017
Thank you it has been great and Amelia has loved being there and meeting different children. As a working mum I dont know what I would have done without you April 2017
just to say thank you for a great day out that Mete and Asiye had on Wednesday to Birdworld. Mete was especially chuffed to have been asked to look after a younger companion on the trip. Sounds like Mete may have filled him full of amazing facts He was delighted to report back that he had been trusted with this special responsibility made his day thank you June 2017
We have as you know been with Wise Owls for a number of years through Alwyn and Furze Platt and our experience has only ever been a good and positive one the only reason we have taken Emmy out of after school club is due to my recent redundancy but I do hope that in the future she will be returning when I am back in the working world June 2017
It is a little sad to say goodbye to Wiseowls we think you do a great job in supporting parents needs and Beth has really enjoyed her time at club. August 2017
Thank you for everything he will really miss going to Wise Owls. Joshan August 2017
Logan says thanks and he enjoyed going to wise Owls. Aug 2017
EllaRose thoroughly enjoyed her time at wise owls and is looking forward to coming back next September. August 2017
Thank you for all your support the staff who have looked after Sienna have been great and she will miss them. September 2017
The girls really enjoyed spending time at the club they had made some great friends. I would like to thank all the team for their support in particular Penny and Sherish. December 2017
Ethan had a great time at the club and was sad to leave. January 2018
Thaejaswin really enjoyed it well in wise owl club and he miss everyone there. January 2018
We take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the great service you offer we working parents couldnt make it without you. February 2018
Thank you. Liam and Niall did enjoy being at the club and will no doubt return for a holiday club at some point in the future. February 2018
They both have enjoyed their time at Wiseowls thank you for looking after them so well. March 2018
Nandana enjoyed in Wise owls club she will be missing it after Easter April 2018
Sammi enjoyed her time at Breakfast Club. The staff at St Peters church have all been amazing. Please thank them from all for us. April 2018.
The boys had great fun whilst they were there and please pass our thanks onto the staff June 2018
Maxwell had a lovely time at Wise Owls and I would like to thank all the staff. September 2018
Molly very much enjoyed being part of Wise Owls. Thank you to everyone who looked after her September 2018
He has had a great time at your club over the past 4 years and I am so very grateful for all that your staff have done and the fabulous days out he has had. He particularly enjoyed time spent with Penny Joy and Will. September 2018